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Monastery.social is intended to be an oasis of prayer, contemplation, conversation, and support. Therefore, all members are required to pledge to follow the Code of Conduct listed below as a condition of their participation in the community. Please read these rules carefully. Our rules are probably stricter than those of many other platforms you might use. We leave room for a variety of opinions, but this is not a “free speech zone.” It is a community of prayerful respect. The moderators reserve the right to interpret this code and make final judgments in line with this mission.

Respect human dignity.
We try, with God’s help, to live out the principles of the Gospel. This includes the conviction that every human being has dignity and is created in the image of God. Therefore, the following types of content will be removed:
  • Pornography and degrading sexual content
  • Gore and graphic violence
  • Hate speech against any type of person (including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and disparagement of other faiths)
  • Symbols and advocacy of political movements adjacent to hate speech (for example, holocaust denial, fascist symbolism, or nationalism)
Show compassion.
We try, with God’s help, to respect one another. The following behaviors are not allowed and may result in your access being suspended:
  • Stalking or harassing other community members
  • Continuing to send messages to somebody who has asked you to stop
  • Impeding other members from taking part in the community
  • Inciting other members to perform any of the aforementioned actions
Use content warnings liberally.
We recognize that members come from different backgrounds and traditions and may not always agree. We encourage respectful dialogue about disagreement. We realize that not everybody is interested in certain types of content (such as debate), and that members will have various standards of taste and etiquette. The following types of content are allowed, but must be tagged with a content warning that allows other users to opt-out of a discussion:
  • Advertising of spiritual opportunities (such as retreats, conferences, or other instances)
  • Debate of divisive issues
  • Artistic (and legal) depictions of nudity (eg. in a painting) that are relevant to a discussion and respectful to human dignity
  • Artistic (and legal) depictions of violence (eg. in a painting or comic book) that are relevant to a discussion and respectful to human dignity
  • Cursing and profane language
  • Spoilers about television episodes, movies, or books