1st Sunday of Lent: "Plan this week to savor the wonderful creation of God that you are! Choose
positive self-talk and avoid putting yourself down." Perhaps we can gain inspiration for cultivating positive self-talk by "listening" more closely to God:

I love this, @Julian!

"I was there at the Big Bang, enlivening every particle, atom and molecule. You are made of me, and through me you are connected to everything and everyone. I am every-damn-where, girl. You swim in me and I in you.

This means, my dear, when you let yourself be healed, your healing heals the world. And when you cling to your brokenness, the world stays a little more broken than it needs to be..."


@jimrobinson I loved it, too. I find it more thought provoking than the idea that we are star dust. I think the contentedness of all creation needs to be intertwined with our mortality and our brokenness which this essay really encapsulates.

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