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One of my major temptations in prayer is self-centeredness, so I try to seek out practices that take me outside of myself. Leaving my apartment and focusing my mind on Jesus Christ through walking prayer. Praying the liturgy of the hours to discipline my prayer according to the needs of the world.

I usually do this when out-and-about, walking in my neighborhood on my way to the train station, running errands, or just enjoying the area.

My main contemplative practice is the use of the Jesus Prayer while walking. I've found that I have difficulty with centering prayer or meditation when staying in one place, but the use of a focusing mantra while walking helps me center myself in God's presence.

I'm spending Christmas Eve alone for the first time in my life. It's tough, but it's worth it because @Julian is doing fantastic work as a chaplain tonight. Tonight, pray in a special way for all who work over Christmas and their families.

(For those we can see this who are outside of the instance: you're invited to join this practice, too!)

So, at the very least, we are all coming here once a week.

OK, so here's my thought on how we start: following the suggestion of @jimrobinson, we commit to posting once a week (maybe on Wednesday nights?) about our contemplative practices and how they are going.

Thinking about doing a daily reflection on here for Advent. Other monastery members: let me know if you're interested in taking part!

A friend from Div School celebrates "Black Friday" by visiting Walden Pond and reading Thoreau.

American culture has constructed a sort of liturgical season out of the days following Thanksgiving (Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday / Giving Tuesday). Two thoughts: 1) it is fascinating that Sunday has been spared! Perhaps an unconscious nod to the sacred? 2) The U.S. church could put forth a series of feast days to counter this. If the culture is going to treat this week liturgically, why not counter with some prophetic wisdom? What feast days would you propose?

My teaching goal for next semester is to find ways to help students think through their emotional and spiritual reactions to our conversations (while still respecting boundaries). Any tips on how to do this?

Welcome to all who are joining the Monastery! We're going to begin by keeping things low-key and growing slowly.

Feel free to pass along the sign-up link and invite others. We'll probably enable public sign-up within a week or so.

@jimrobinson Peace be with you on this feast of Christ the King!

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A progressive, intentional, and contemplative Christian community is coming soon!