@Hildegard Yes! Welcome to the Monastery, Hildegard.

We also have @Julian of Norwich here, so women theologians from the Middle Ages are well represented here so far...

@frn2000 We're aiming to launch later this month! Still working on the rule of life. Stay tuned.


@mcknze@cryptids.online just listened and sadly agree. I'm a fan of both, too, and approached it excitedly as a crossover. It felt like they kept on trying to resolve personality conflicts as though they were philosophical disagreements.

@socialskeleton @MadestMadness @mcknze@cryptids.online We sort of carry a high-liturgy sensibility, but not exclusively so.

@socialskeleton @MadestMadness @mcknze@cryptids.online monastery.social will be broadly progressive Christian. About half of the founders are Catholic, but we'll welcome variety!

It's been quiet on here for a while, but we've been hard at work putting together our Rule of Life and preparing for launch! Stay tuned for a big announcement in the next two weeks.

The U.S. Catholic Bishops are talking a lot about Reddit.

If they really wanted to take social media seriously, they would join Mastodon. And do a lot more listening than posting.

Sacred Art, Immigration Rights 

A MN-based immigrant rights organization posted this on Facebook. It's an artistic meditation on how U.S. "border security" policies divide the body of Christ.

I couldn't find the artist, but I'm going to continue trying! I often start my semester with a discussion of different artistic representations of the Last Supper. I might add this one to the mix.

This is sort of putting the cart before the bicycle since we haven't put much together yet for our public opening, but I feel like this is something we could commit to joinmastodon.org/covenant

@jimrobinson and @MaryJerome gave fantastic presentations on teaching about religions other than Christianity. Feeling inspired as I revisit my fall syllabus!

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Been thinking about the future of this instance. I think we can expand this Oasis of Wisdom from this humble (yet soulful) point! May 17 is the date when I'll be done with semester duties and in the position to pose some questions for moving forward.

Happy Easter (in the West, at least)! Jesus Christ is risen!

Lent often reveals the limits of my spiritual endurance. Today is another "reset day" for my disciplines. But God the Teacher finds a way to transform my failures into moments of grace.

Come, Holy Spirit, come!

tfw a student who has been struggling makes a really creative and insightful observation in a paper.

I have many critiques of Facebook, but one of my favorite features is the "Memories" tab. Ten years ago, I was going through a very difficult time. I actually enjoy reading my posts from those days, because I can see in retrospect how God was present throughout.

Ten years ago today, I was visiting Wisconsin. My siblings and I decided to take a pilgrimage to Holy Hill, a 24-mile hike from our parents' house.

We arrived very sore... and exactly five minutes after the basilica closed for the day!

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