Another Catholic instance sighting at monastery dot social.

@mcknze I'm afraid not, from what I can see, but it looks like @augustine is considering ascribing to the Covenant, which I certainly hope they do! It would be cool to have a contemplative instance floating around that doesn't come with the LGBTQ-hostility sometimes found within Catholic spaces.


@socialskeleton @MadestMadness @mcknze will be broadly progressive Christian. About half of the founders are Catholic, but we'll welcome variety!

@socialskeleton @MadestMadness @mcknze We sort of carry a high-liturgy sensibility, but not exclusively so.

@augustine @MadestMadness @mcknze finally a place where I can practice my Anglican beliefs without fear of persecution!!! (But seriously, welcome and good luck building!)

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A progressive, intentional, and contemplative Christian community is coming soon!