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Happy Easter (in the West, at least)! Jesus Christ is risen!

Lent often reveals the limits of my spiritual endurance. Today is another "reset day" for my disciplines. But God the Teacher finds a way to transform my failures into moments of grace.

Come, Holy Spirit, come!

tfw a student who has been struggling makes a really creative and insightful observation in a paper.

I have many critiques of Facebook, but one of my favorite features is the "Memories" tab. Ten years ago, I was going through a very difficult time. I actually enjoy reading my posts from those days, because I can see in retrospect how God was present throughout.

Ten years ago today, I was visiting Wisconsin. My siblings and I decided to take a pilgrimage to Holy Hill, a 24-mile hike from our parents' house.

We arrived very sore... and exactly five minutes after the basilica closed for the day!

A frat house was holding an outdoor party next to the church today. The music was loud, overpowering the reverent silence of our sanctuary.

Many folks had difficulty paying attention during Mass. My own mind kept getting pulled by pulsating music into worldly concerns. But we kept praying, and we obeyed the Lord's command to take and eat and drink together in memory of his death and rising.

And God accepted our meager sacrifices and smiled upon our assembly.

Last week, many of my disciplines fizzled out, but there is nothing like a fresh week to start anew.

Khaled Beydoun is tweeting the stories of the Christchurch mosque members who lost their lives this week. My spiritual practice today is to say their names, read their stories, and say a prayer for each of them.

Praying for the Muslim community in Christ Church and an end to racism around the world.

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Three photos I came across that I savored this afternoon (expand this status to see them in the thread!)

Cool tip from the Lenten devotional I'm using (The Little Black Book): "One way to pray the Scripture is to 'take someone with you' and talk with them along the way. For example, Mary Magdalene, or Peter, or Mary the mother of Jesus."

I love this possibility for relating to the saints-- inviting them along for a reading.

Today's prompt is on prepared meals! Here's a favorite vegatarian recipe for lentil soup (scroll to the bottom for the actual recipe). I made it yesterday, adding some green chilies for even more heat.

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The Jesus Prayer reminds me that my sinfulness does not have the last word.

Sometimes, my negativity toward myself starts with a healthy desire to repent but gets stuck there and twists me toward self-involvement rather than grace.

Jesus's mercy lets me remember that I am made in the image of God.

One thing that brings me joy is long-time friendship. I am grateful to the folks who know me from various phases of life and who continue to delight me with wisdom and insight after years of conversation. In many cases, the strongest friends are those who differ from me in rather significant ways, but who share a similar thirst for the journey. I thank God for them.

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